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We offer a range of eco-conscious living solutions.

From tiny homes to domes and guest houses.

All designed with a focus on environmental sustainability and modular design. 

Our Services

Development Consultation

  • RV Development

  • Glamping Developments

  • Homestead Developments

  • Eco-Village Developments

  • Retreat & Resort Developments

  • Regenerative Ag Developments

  • Family Ranch Developments

  • Multi-Gen Living Developments

  • Mixed Alternative Structures Development

Building Consultation

  • Eco-Friendly Modular Homes

  • Luxury Container Homes

  • Tiny Homes on Wheels

  • Custom Vans, Buses, Trailers

  • Mobile Showers & Bathrooms

  • Natural Building Options

  • Hard-Panel Domes & Pyramids

  • Steel Barns & Barndominiums

  • Glass Yurts

  • Hexagonal Sky Domes

  • Clear Polycarbonate Domes

  • Geodesic Glamping Domes

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Learn More About Glamping Domes

Our Glamping Domes Come With:

  • Extreme Weather-Proof Cover (1 year warranty)

  • Wind, Rain, Snow Sun OK

  • Coated, Steel Framing

  • Anchoring Bolts (for concrete or wood)

  • Cotton Insulation

  • Curtains and Curtain Rod

  • Locking Glass Door

  • Unlimited Interior design possibilities

  • 4 - AI Concept Images

20' - 40' sizes available

Learn More About Container Homes

30 day lead time | 250-500 annual unit capacity

Our Container Homes Include:

  • 8x40

  • 320sf

  • 1 Bd/ 1 Ba

  • Living Room

  • Modern Kitchen

  • 8 Layer Insulation

  • Steam Shower

  • Fresh Air Circulator

  • Stone-faced LVP flooring

  • Multiple-Zone Lighting

  • Quartz Countertop

  • Tankless Toilet

  • Early Investor Incentive

  • Fire, Mold, Mildew, Moisture Resistant

  • 3 Pane, UV Coated, Tempered, Gas Filled, DP 50 Glass - highest R-value of all the glass on the market

We Are A New Earth Agency

Providing the Best Alternative Living Solutions for You

About Us

Lavender Moon Spaces was birthed in 2018 after founder, Gloria, left her career as a real estate agent with the desire to create real world solutions in response to the rising real estate prices.

With consumerism, greed and the "rat-race-mentality" running rampant in the real estate market, Gloria felt out of place, but wasn't quite sure what the right place was.

She decided to purchase a shuttle bus, go minimal, and design a tiny space for the first time. That bus went viral on Youtube and launched the beginning of Lavender Moon Spaces as a Design and Build Agency for van and bus conversions.

Now 6 years later, Lavender Moon is on the same mission.

To solve real world problems and pioneer a new way of living that's more eco-friendly, sustainable and beneficial for our future and future generations.

Whether you're looking to live a more minimalistic lifestyle, wanting to finally be able to afford to buy your first home, or are ready to invest into a forward-thinking and fast growing movement, Lavender Moon Spaces is here to support you on your new venture.


Shuttle Bus Project - Full Buildout - 2022

We Know The Alternative Build World

We're not just a pop up shop here, we've been in the tiny space for 6+ years now and have completed over 13 custom builds, from start-to-finish. Everything from 40' skoolies to horse trailers!

With a background in construction and project management, we bring all our skills to the table to assist you in creating your dream space!

Raised Roof Skoolie Project - Full Buildout - 2020

ProMaster Van - Full Buildout - 2020

Sprinter Van Project - Full Buildout - 2019

Sprinter Van Project - Full Buildout - 2019

ProMaster Van - Full Buildout - 2020

Large Skoolie Project - Full Buildout - 2019

Large Skoolie Project - Full Buildout - 2019

ProMaster Van - Full Buildout - 2020

ProMaster Van - Full Buildout - 2020

Shuttle Bus Project - Full Buildout - 2020

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  • We'll connect you with the best financial options to get funding for your project.

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